Build-to-suit Solutions

Build-to-suit Solutions

Custom built industrial facilities providing more flexibility and more assurance for your business.

For customers who prefer purpose-built industrial facilities while removing the hassle, uncertainties and the upfront expense of undertaking construction themselves, we offer build-to-suit arrangements (BTS). Customers choose us for our experience in designing and developing high quality buildings.

This arrangement provides customers with industrial facilities that are designed specifically for their business needs on a long-term lease basis. Our leasing packages are crafted according to project requirements and delivery.

What is build-to-suit lease?

A build-to-suit scheme is a lease in which Mapletree builds the new facility to a customer's specifications, and the customer then occupies the facility on a long term lease on a pre-agreed rental.

When does a company need a build-to-suit lease?

These are some key reasons why a build-to-suit scheme is attractive.

     Ideal building delivered on time

  • Ability to design a custom building for specific needs
  • Risk of Construction is entirely taken on by us
  • Project Management of any unexpected construction challenges are handled by our team of professionals

     Financing costs

  • Frees up capital to fund capex, M&A, expansion or to reallocate resources to core business activities
  • Balance Sheet savings - takes depreciation and capital costs off your balance sheet
  • Achieve potential tax savings by considering lease costs as an operating expense


  • Stable long term leases that provides security of space
  • Fixed rental which is decided upfront


  • Choice of managing your facility without the need to change your existing day-to-day operations
  • In short, we allow customers to focus on running and expanding their business, by providing assurance and peace of mind towards the delivery of your new premise.